Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dark Mocha

This nice jacket is a must for coverings on cold climate. Put it on for a stylish day in the office or simply wear it over a dress for that edgy look! Nice cutting and made of thick cotton - denim like material. A must have! =)
Available in:
Army Green

Fits best UK6 - UK10

RM 50

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Batch 2 - Updated!

Babesssssss, we have just updated the new batch!! Many interesting pieces with exciting colors to enhance your wardrobe!!! Check out the items and spread the words, babes!!

We are trying diligently to cater all sizes of curvy babes out there! Because we understand how hard it is to find cute clothing that suits your body type. So this time, we brought more XL - XXL sizes!!

Shop with us for FREE POSTAGE and enjoy 5% discount when you purchase more than RM150!!!

Raisin Lycra

 Another version of palazzo but made of lycra. Lightweight material which is a mixture of polyester and rayon. Comfy and airy. =)
Available in:
Blue Black *SOLD*
Black *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 12

RM 49


This piece is suitable to be worn as a dress or as a top. Minimal styling for the tone-down look or over the top accessorizing for extra oommpphhhh!! =) 

Available in:
Grey *SOLD*
Navy Blue *SOLD*
Emerald *SOLD*

Fits best UK 6 - UK 12
Inquire the measurement if you are a bit skeptic, don't worry we will assist you~ =)

RM 49

Capucinno Bolero

This dress screams fashionista!! Comes in uber chic colour and attached bolero, super love!! Made of chiffon and fully lined, comfy yet demure. *This dress is not a full-length dress, it falls right about 7-8cm from my ankle and I am 164cm height*

Available in:

Best fits UK6 - UK10

RM 75

Peanut Butter

 This top is super cute, super demure and super comfy!! Enough said. =)

Available in:
Champagne *SOLD*
Peach *SOLD*
White *SOLD*

Fits best UK 10 - UK 16 (do inquire on the measurement if you are sceptic)

RM 49


We just cant get enough of sleeveless loveliesssss. It is so versatile, we can wear it with almost everything!! This time round, we brought the cotton + rayon fabric, which is not sheer yet comfy and cooling fabric! =)

Available in :
Black *SOLD*
Salmon *SOLD*
White *SOLD*
Mustard *SOLD*
Blue *SOLD*
Burnt Orange *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK14

RM 40

Walnut Stripe

The sister to previous Walnut Stripe, only this comes in black. Versatile and comfy for all occasions. Sexy, not to forget!!

Available in:
Black *SOLD

Best fits UK 8 - UK12

RM 55


Macadamia; sequinned at the neck, buttoned sleeve, chiffon lining, this piece is comfortable and suitable for every occasion!! Pair it with anything and vava voom!! =)

Available in:
Black *SOLD*
White *SOLD*
Light Pink *SOLD*

Best fits UK6 - Small UK12

RM 55


Introducing our first batch of shawlssss. Exciting colours, we handpicked interesting + unique designs + patterns that will enhance your attire!! Wear it wherever you want, on your head, to cover up your shoulders, wrap around your waist, be creative, endless styling options! Oh not forgetting, the prices are so low, yet the postage are included!! Major loveeee. <3

Shawl #1

Available in :
Blue Twigs *SOLD*
Brown Branches *SOLD*
Brown Squares *SOLD*

RM 22

Shawl #2

Available in:
Black and White *SOLD*
Blue and Pink
Brown and Pink *SOLD*

RM 30

Shawl #3


Available in:
Greyish Plain *SOLD*
Lacey Black *SOLD*
Stripey Pink *SOLD*
Abstract Green *SOLD*
Rosey Brown *SOLD*
Stripey Orange *SOLD*
Polka Brown *SOLD*

RM 28

Shawl #4

Available in:
Blue Chains *SOLD* 
Black Sailor *SOLD*
Grey Flowers *SOLD*

RM 33

Shawl #5

Available in:
Blue Bristles *SOLD*
Blue Waves *SOLD*