Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thanks a bunch to Shopping Roll for featuring us in their blog. Do check their blog to be in the know of what's hot and what's not!

Mucho lovesssss, sista! 

By the wayyyyyyy, we will be joining Pekan Frinjan 28 this 30th March which will be taking place at the Kompleks Belia dan Kebudayaan Selangor in Seksyen 7! Hop by and join the fun! There will be a showcase of local art, music, poetry, fashion and oh food!  

Spread the news, and see you guys there! 

Don't forget to checkout our items. POSTAGE IS FREE!!! <3

Friday, March 23, 2012

Closet Sale!

Hi babes, we will be having our booth at THE CLOSET SALE on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April 2012. Do come to the CLOSET SALE to see the muffin tops closet collection! Plus, there are other vendors that will be selling pre-loved and used items, THE SUGAR and many more! Oh not to forget, don't worry about coming here with an empty stomach as there are delicious food and beverages sold too! Cupcakes, muffins, cookies, chocolates and the list goes on. Spread the news, tell your friends and see you there! Details are as below

Any inquiries? Call 018 2709140 or send us an email at muffintopscloset@gmail.com. 

*pssttt, bring a friend to the muffin tops closet and you will enjoy further discounts! 

Introductory Batch 1~

Hi all lovely muffin toppers!

Introducing the first batch of Muffin Tops Closet. Our goal is to cater all sizes of curves so that everyone can flaunt their curves, yet looking demure and chic! Do browse through our collection and we hope you will like it as much as we do! In conjunction with the first launch, we would like to say that postage is FREE! Well, happy shopping, babesssss.

* pssssttttt - spend more than rm 150 and get 5% off! =)


Inspired by cutout top by Topshop. A chic top with a hint of sexiness. Flaunt that gorgeous shoulder, girls! Our version comes in salmon! 
Available in:

Fits best UK6-UK12

RM 45 *SOLD*

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Capucinno Full

This dress is simply perfect for a modest outings. Hijabis dream! fully chiffon, the dress is comfy and it comes with attached sash. Simple and demure! =)

*The dress' width without the sash tied on. 

Available in:
Khaki *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 14

RM 89 *worth it!*

Walnut Stripe

The sister to walnut. Only that this one comes with a stripey vertical top. Love the asymmetrical skirt and figure flattering top! Perfect for girl-just-wanna-have-fun moment! =)

Available in:

Fits best UK 8 - UK 14

RM 55 *SOLD*

Wildberry Tube

 Wild!  That's all what this dress is all about. Flaunt your sexiness with this dress. Ruched at the top part and made of chiffon and lined at the bottom part. Psstt, it comes with a free transparent bra strap for extra support! Simply wonderful! =)
Available in:
Black *SOLD*

Fits UK 8 - UK 16 (M-XL)

RM 59


 Playful, cheeky, chic and most importantly this top is comfortable! Over-sized, asymmetrical, it is suitable for your lazy days. It comes with a cute belt so you can accentuate your figure! Talk about value-savvy, babes. =)

Available in :
Black *SOLD*
Orange *SOLD*
Fuchsia (so nice!) *SOLD*
Beige *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 14

RM 49 *steal!*


Flavorful. This is what the dress is. The drapes are just so enticing. The minimalist top just balances out the dramatic flow of the skirt. Notice the asymmetrical cut of the chiffon skirt. Speechless. =)

Available in:
Pink *SOLD*
Champagne *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 14

RM 69


Lavender. As sweet as it name, this top is the most suitable to be described as one. Rose-like ruffles at the neckline and flowy drapes at the body portray that this top is not like any other ordinary top. Oh not forgetting, the bat-wing sleeves, too! Much love! =)

Available in:
Black *SOLD*
Purple *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 18 (M - XL)

RM 49

Blackberry Long

Blackberry. As elegant as its name. This dress is suitable for a day or a night out. Modest, demure and so chic! It is so chic, you can pair it with anything you want. Just keep in mind, minimal accessorizing, though. =)

 Available in:
Black *SOLD*
Cream *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 12

RM 65

Butterscotch Stripe

Similar to its sister Butterscotch, this top promises comfort. But this time, we bring the stripes! Made of chiffon, oversized with ample arm space, this top is suitable to be worn in our hot climate! Simply practical! =)

Available in:
Stripey white *SOLD*
Stripey brown *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 14

RM 49


Cute? Check. Comfy? Check. This top will make you feel cheeky without having to reveal too much. The cutting is nice, complementing you figure yet its comfortable as it is made of lycra. This top comes with attached sash that allows you to accentuate your figure! Nice! =)

Available in:
Baby Blue *SOLD*
Cream *SOLD*

Fits best UK 8 - UK 16 (M to XL)

RM 45 *loves!*