Thursday, April 12, 2012


Introducing our first batch of shawlssss. Exciting colours, we handpicked interesting + unique designs + patterns that will enhance your attire!! Wear it wherever you want, on your head, to cover up your shoulders, wrap around your waist, be creative, endless styling options! Oh not forgetting, the prices are so low, yet the postage are included!! Major loveeee. <3

Shawl #1

Available in :
Blue Twigs *SOLD*
Brown Branches *SOLD*
Brown Squares *SOLD*

RM 22

Shawl #2

Available in:
Black and White *SOLD*
Blue and Pink
Brown and Pink *SOLD*

RM 30

Shawl #3


Available in:
Greyish Plain *SOLD*
Lacey Black *SOLD*
Stripey Pink *SOLD*
Abstract Green *SOLD*
Rosey Brown *SOLD*
Stripey Orange *SOLD*
Polka Brown *SOLD*

RM 28

Shawl #4

Available in:
Blue Chains *SOLD* 
Black Sailor *SOLD*
Grey Flowers *SOLD*

RM 33

Shawl #5

Available in:
Blue Bristles *SOLD*
Blue Waves *SOLD*