Thursday, April 12, 2012


Again, we have another type of shawl. These come in abstract designs and tassled ends. Perfect to inject colours to your outfit!! <3

To order, choose from each set and colour according to the sequence of picture.

Dont forget, price inclusive of postage!!!! Super love!!

Shawl Set 1

Dark Blue*SOLD*
Paisley Black *SOLD*
Tribal Orange *SOLD*
Abstract Brown *SOLD*

Shawl Set 2

Baby Blue
Baby Pink *SOLD*
Grey *SOLD*
Light Brown *SOLD*

Shawl Set 3

Eye Blue
Batik Grey
Tribal Blue *SOLD*
Abstract Black *SOLD*

Shawl Set 4

Batik Black *SOLD*
Abstract Orange *SOLD*
Flowery Grey *SOLD*
Flowery Salmon *SOLD*

Shawl Set 5

Paisley Brown
Cheetah Orange
Flowery Brown *SOLD*

RM 18